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Lotus Flower

Organic Skin Care by Missy is located on Maryland's scenic Eastern Shore. This tranquil studio is in the heart of the Stevensville located within the esteemed Chesapeake Bay Business Park. She proudly invites you to come immerse and reset into a unique one on one experience in a serene setting.

Missy strives to ensure a relaxing treatment in a professional environment. She's happy to offer and encourage this peaceful setting as a no judgement atmosphere, where everyone is welcome. Her hope is that you want to come relax, unwind, and fully experience your treatment.

As always, she only uses the highest quality products available for professionals. You will also find the studio shelves stocked with beautiful retail options to provide a wide selection of cruelty free, natural, and organic products for home use to help maintain the effects of your treatment.


Missy wants everyone to rest assured that she uses every precaution to keep herself and clients as safe as possible during treatments. She diligently follows the latest CDC and Maryland State Board of Cosmetology guidelines. Everyone is encouraged to do what makes them feel comfortable, and her sanitized safe space is open to whatever your preference is. 

Natural Cosmetics

"Missy is a talented professional that is recognized in the community to be among the most qualified in her industry, always staying up to date on the latest treatments and techniques available."

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